Meeting Minutes
13 December 1998
Severna Park, MD
1:30 pm


 Present : Jim Allen, Laura Allen, Pam Allen, Dobbie Bassett, Sherry Caldwell, Judy Carbone, Ken Carbone, Rachel Doggett, Susan Francis-Haughton, Tom Haughton, Shirley Hobbs, Debbie Moore, Cathy Ochs-Cline, Jan Prichard, Brett Skipper, Donna Smith, David Walczak, Peter Wolf

Previous Minutes

1. The minutes of the September 20, 1998, meeting were approved with revision.

2. Peter Wolf was indeed present at the previous CCWCC meeting.

Officer Reports

1. Newsletter: No report.

2. Membership: Dues will be collected during today=s meeting. Membership lists are attached to the dues reminder sheets distributed to the members. Corrections may be made to the dues reminder notice and can be returned with payment.

3. Treasurer: The CCWCC has a balance of $606.96.

Committee Reports

1. AKC Club Recognition: Susan Francis-Haughton will instruct the new corresponding secretary about contacting the AKC after the first of the year (after the busy holiday season).

2. Ways and Means: We discussed the appropriateness of incorporating in D.C. vs MD vs VA as well as the status of our applying for non-profit status. The committee thanked everyone for donating great items and services to the silent auction which is to be held at the conclusion of this meeting.

3. Supported Show: Our CWCCA approved supported show will be the Middleburg Kennel Club show on October 30, 1999, in Middleburg, VA. Judges will be Mr. Michael Boothroyd from England for Breed, Ms. Debbie Richeson for Sweeps, and Mr. Robert Berndt for Group. A trophy committee was formed with Debbie Moore in charge and a hospitality committee was formed with Jan Prichard in charge. The club will submit a list of addresses to send premium lists out to all interested parties. We hope to have 50+ cardis in Breed.


There was one change to the ballot. Nancy Meinel declined the nomination for the position of club treasurer. Peter Wolf was duly nominated. There were no write-in votes. The slate of candidates were voted-in to serve a term of two years. President=Debbie Moore, Vice President=Ed Warczak, Treasurer=Peter Wolf, Corresponding Secretary=Cathy Ochs-Cline, Recording Secretary=Susan Francis-Haughton, Board Members=Sherry Caldwell and Shirley Hobbs.

Unfinished Business

The CCWCC finally ratified a constitution and bylaws!

New Business

1. Cathy Ochs-Cline (our club web-page guru) wants to move our page off of Geocities and onto her own site: The members approved this change. She will also add a breeders directory, membership list showing name, city and e-mail address, supported show results, and personal page links. Also, there will be a section educating the public about PRA as well as PRA test results with the permission of our members. We wish to be responsible, pro-active and set an example when it comes to the health of our wonderful breed.

2. Many wonderful ideas were presented for future meetings. Ideas included: a tracking demonstration, CGC test, temperament test, use of dogs in therapy work, and hearing-disabled assistance dogs. We appointed Rachel Doggett and Shirley Hobbs as coordinators for our meetings/programs.

3. It was brought to the club=s attention that one of our members, Aggie de la Garza, put a VST title on one of her dogs. This is a very difficult tracking title to attain and we want to congratulate her on this wonderful achievement. We will make a small presentation to her at a future club meeting.

4. Debbie Moore stated that Anne Taylor would be interested in being our delegate to the Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders. The CCWCC would need to be incorporated in VA before we could apply to join. We will consider it.

5. We tentatively scheduled our next three meetings as March 21, 1999, June 13, 1999, and September 12, 1999. We hope to hold a match in Upper Marlboro, MD September 12, 1999.

6. The meeting adjourned at 2:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Francis-Haughton

Recording Secretary

Chesapeake Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club

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