Recipes for Milk Replacer Formula and Weak Puppy Booster

There are many versions of these formulas available now.  What you see below is my experimenting to find a formula that worked for MY puppies.  So, these formulas have been field tested and I find them very useful.  Good luck.

Milk Replacer Formula:

10 oz. evaporated milk (whole fat or part skim -- do not use all skim) or goat's milk
3 oz. sterilized water (baby water or boiled water) -- delete if using goat's milk
1 egg yolk (raw)
2T regular mayonnaise (optional)
1 cup whole fat yogurt (whole fat or part skim -- avoid all skim)

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix (or use a wire whisk) till well blended.  Use all formula within 7 days.  

Warm formula to puppy body temperature before feeding.  Always discard formula leftover at a feeding.  This formula is thick and so is best administered by stomach tube.  If using a bottle, you may need to enlarge the hole slightly.  It provides 11 calories per cc.

Weak Puppy Booster
This formula is meant to be used on newborns who are chilled, weak or otherwise compromised.  This formula should be administered every 1-2 hours (or more often) by stomach tube and the puppy should be warmed slowly.  Once the puppy begins to maintain a normal body temperature, regular feeding can resume.  NEVER FEED A CHILLED PUPPY MILK REPLACER.

8oz. lactated ringers solution or sterilized water
1 tablespoon white Karo syrup or white sugar (do not use honey)
Substitute plain, unflavored Pedialyte

Mix ingredients and warm to body temperature.  Preferred administration is stomach tube (to ensure correct dosage).  Feed 1/2 cc per 2 oz. of body weight once per hour.  If puppy is very weak, you may half the dosage and feed twice as often.  This formula should be followed up with milk replacer as soon as the puppy is maintaining normal body temperature.  This formula should not be fed exclusively for more than 8 hours.

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